How does one use multiple modules in fortran without name clashes


Suppose in my main program I want to use two modules, module a and module b. These two modules independently use a third module, module c. Am I correct in thinking that name clashes will result? i.e the declared entities in module c will effectively be redeclared in both modules a and b as a result of the USE statements. If so, how does one get around this? Is it possible to have a PRIVATE statement somewhere to avoid the trouble?

Thanks for taking the time to read the question.


Name clashes won't result.

Yes, public entities in c will be use-associated in a and b, and then in your main program, but no ambiguity will be introduced.

module c integer int end module c module a use c end module a module b use c end module b program main use a use b ! use c int = 1 end program

Your confusion may be "declared entities in module c will effectively be redeclared": there is association, but the same declaration is used. This is in contrast with, say, C header files.


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