How to pass function to client from Node.js server



What I want to do is like:

<strong>On Node server side:</strong>

var fn = function(){ alert("hello"); }

I want to <strong>send this function to client side</strong>(currently using AngularJS, but it does not matter as long as this problem can be solved), and bind it to a button click event. So I can get pop-out alert window when click that button.



So, something like this:

// Predefined functions var allowedFunctions = { 'f1': function () {alert('Called f1');}, 'f2': function () {alert('Called f2');}, 'f3': function () {alert('Called f3');}, }; // This comes from the server var callThisOne = 'f2'; // Here's how you call it now allowedFunctions[callThisOne]();


Here's a <a href="http://plnkr.co/edit/WSJJIA2CWxGXCXCMvfRA?p=preview" rel="nofollow">plunk</a>.

// Get this from the server var textReceived = 'var fn = function(){ alert("hello"); };'; function getFunction(textReceived) { eval(textReceived); return fn; } var f = getFunction(textReceived); f();


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