Complex Dataframe Merge Python Pandas


I am trying to merge 2 dataframes and can't quite get what I'm looking for.

Dataframe 1 looks like this.

Index Date Data1 Data2 A 2007-07-21 76 32 A 2007-08-13 nan 23 B 2007-06-15 53 nan B 2007-07-15 87 39

Dataframe 2 looks like this:

Index Date Data3 Data4 A 2007-07-24 14 nan A 2007-08-13 67 51 B 2007-06-21 32 36 B 2007-07-15 nan 91

The same indicies are in both dataframes. The index labels contain duplicates. There is some overlap in the dates but each dataframe also contains unique dates.

What I'd like in my result is the following: rows with the same Index and Date appear ONCE in the result with combined values (Data1, Data2, Data3, Data4). If an Index/Date combination appears once in either the left dataframe or right dataframe, that combination appears along with the relevant data from respective data frame and nans in columns from the dataframe where values don't exist.

From the above dataframes the result would look like this:

Index Date Data1 Data2 Data3 Data4 A 2007-07-21 76 32 nan nan A 2007-07-24 nan nan 14 nan A 2007-08-13 nan 23 67 51 B 2007-06-15 53 nan nan nan B 2007-06-21 nan nan 32 36 B 2007-07-15 87 39 nan 91

This exercise has aspects of a left join but also an outer join. Not sure how to get this using pd.merge or pd.concat.

Thank in advance for insight.


set_index + concat

pd.concat([df1.set_index(['Index','Date']),df2.set_index(['Index','Date'])],1).reset_index() Out[1145]: Index Date Data1 Data2 Data3 Data4 0 A 2007-07-21 76.0 32.0 NaN NaN 1 A 2007-07-24 NaN NaN 14.0 NaN 2 A 2007-08-13 NaN 23.0 67.0 51.0 3 B 2007-06-15 53.0 NaN NaN NaN 4 B 2007-06-21 NaN NaN 32.0 36.0 5 B 2007-07-15 87.0 39.0 NaN 91.0

Or we can use merge

df1.merge(df2,on=['Index','Date'],how='outer') Out[1147]: Index Date Data1 Data2 Data3 Data4 0 A 2007-07-21 76.0 32.0 NaN NaN 1 A 2007-08-13 NaN 23.0 67.0 51.0 2 B 2007-06-15 53.0 NaN NaN NaN 3 B 2007-07-15 87.0 39.0 NaN 91.0 4 A 2007-07-24 NaN NaN 14.0 NaN 5 B 2007-06-21 NaN NaN 32.0 36.0


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