SpringData regex not working as expected


Working native query

{ $match: { $and : [ {userType:"200"}, { $or: [ {login : /infosys/}, {email : /infosys/}, {firstName : /infosys/}, {lastName : /infosys/} ] } ] } }

SpringData API which is not working as expected:

match( Criteria.where("userType").is(userType).orOperator( Criteria.where("login").regex(searchTxt).orOperator( Criteria.where("email").regex(searchTxt).orOperator( Criteria.where("firstName").regex(searchTxt).orOperator(Criteria.where("lastName").regex(searchTxt)) ) ) ) );


You are $or each criteria with the $or operator. orOperator takes a list of crtieria.

Below is the equivalent for your native query.

match ( Criteria.where("userType").is(userType) .orOperator( Criteria.where("login").regex(searchTxt), Criteria.where("email").regex(searchTxt), Criteria.where("firstName").regex(searchTxt), Criteria.where("lastName").regex(searchTxt) ) )


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