Adding a global resource folder to gradle build to be made available for subprojects


I have a gradle project which consists of a number of subprojects. I want to add a resource folder which is in the same folder as the subprojects to be on the classpath of all the projects when they run.

The folder structure kinda looks like:

root |__subproject1 |__subproject2 |__subproject3 |__global_resources

I've tried doing something like in the root build.gradle:

allprojects { processResources { from("$rootProject/global_resources/") } }

Or this:

subprojects { dependencies { runtime fileTree(dir: "$rootProject/resources", includes: '*.txt') } }

But running any of the subprojects gives an error that the resource it needs is not available.

How do I go about doing this?

Not sure if it's useful, but this is a scala project. I'm not accustomed to writing gradle tasks, so please don't answer with "make a gradle task to do that". I'm sure it's probably that simple, but I don't have any examples to go with.


I think the easiest and most re-usability friendly way would be to do place all your "global" resources in "global_resources/src/main/resources", add build.gradle to your global_resources folder:

root |__..projects.. |__global_resources |____src |______main |_________resources |___________ ...your resource files... |____build.gradle


apply plugin: "java" name="global_resources"

And then include this project in your other projects:

dependencies { compile project(":global_resources") }


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