CakePHP Query - Conditional Based on Contain Field


I am developing a system that holds reports from customer's computers and displays failures in a list. I am attempting to write a query that locates all systems that have currently failed or have failures in the past.

My model for Computers has a field that says last_report_pass that allows me to quickly find computers that failed on the current day. My Reports are associated with a computer ID and has a field called status that says whether it was a pass or fail.

I am attempting to write a query that will only show last_report_pass being 0, or failed, or show it if it has reports that were found and joined (meaning there were previous failures).

Here was my idea:

$computers = $this->Computers->find('all', [ 'conditions' => [ 'last_report_pass' => '0', 'COUNT(Reports) NOT' => '0' ], 'contain' => [ 'Reports' => [ 'conditions' => [ 'status' => '0' ] ] );

I do not know what to do from here. I could probably write this in SQL but am trying to stick with Cake's ORM Query Builder. Thanks in advance!


You will need to use matching its similar to contain, but it will filter by associated data:

It will be something like this

$query->distinct(['Computers.id']) ->matching('Reports', function ($q) { return $q->where(['Reports.last_report_pass' => 0]); });

Its important to notice that you will also have to contain the Reports table if you need to display some data which is on this table.

<a href="https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/query-builder.html#filtering-by-associated-data" rel="nofollow">Reference</a>


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