Selecting the last child


I was wondering how I'd get an alert of a last child by clicking a link.

<h3 id="comment:5" class="myclass">

This is how far I got:

$('#lastcomment').click(function() { alert('Handler for .click() called.'); });

My aim is to jump to the last comment by clicking the link. An alert would be fine for the first step I guess. So that I can see the last child of the comments.

Any help is much appreciated.


Use the <a href="http://api.jquery.com/last-selector/" rel="nofollow">:last</a> selector or <a href="http://api.jquery.com/last/" rel="nofollow">.last()</a> method:

$("#lastcomment").click(function () { var lastComment = $("h3[id^=comment]:last"); alert(lastComment.attr("id")); }


you can use jQuery's :last selector. but i need to see more HTML to make something work...


So you have a link that you want to go to the last comment on a page? Why not give the comment an id of comment-12 (for example), then just change your anchor to relfect this:

<a class="myclass" href="#comment-12" id="last-comment"> </a>

If you are wanting to do this in javascript, something like:

$('#lastcomment').click(function() { var numComments = $(".comments").length; // Assuming your comments have a class window.location = window.location.href + "#" + $(".comments").eq(numComments).attr("id"); });


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