Jquery anchor tag click event does an ajax post, when it redirects, it causes error callback to exec


My HTML which is at this url '/main/' contains the following link:

<a href="/main/" id="do_something">Do Something</a>

So, the link should do something and then refresh the page.

My jquery looks something like this:

$('#do_something').click(function(event) { var my_values = ['1','2']; $.ajax({ url:"/process_values/", type: "POST", data: {values:my_values}, success:function(response){ alert("success: " + response); }, error:function (xhr, textStatus, thrownError){ alert("xhr status: " + xhr.statusText); }, });


The post is executing correctly, but the error callback is always called when it completes.

If I prevent the link from being called using event.preventDefault();, the success function is executed. Why is this? And how do I get the page to update after the post call?



Without event.preventDefault(), the user is directed to /main/ (because it's the default behavior of an anchor). Unloading the page causes all pending (XmlHttp) requests to abort, thus triggering the error function (=request has not finished yet).

An overview:

<ul><li><em>click</em> #do_something</li> <li><em>fires</em> click event -> Ajax request</li> <li><em>follows</em> link to /main/.</li> <li><em>page unloads</em> -> Cancel all requests</li> <li><em>XHR aborted</em> -> error function triggered</li> </ul>

If you want the page to open, add this at the success function:

location.href = "/main/";

Alternatively, if you don't want to hard-code the link:

$('#do_something').click(function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var linkTo = $(this).attr("href"); var my_values = ['1','2']; $.ajax({ url:"/process_values/", type: "POST", data: {values:my_values}, success:function(response){ alert("success: " + response); location.href = linkTo; //Redirect the user to the new page }, error:function (xhr, textStatus, thrownError){ alert("xhr status: " + xhr.statusText); }, }); });


the idea with Ajax is not to do a page reload at all but load data asynchronously (parts at a time)

if you really need to you should use location.reload();


You couold do:

$('#do_something').click(function(event) { var hrefSaved = $(this).attr('href'); event.preventDefault(); var my_values = ['1','2']; $.ajax({ url:"/process_values/", type: "POST", data: {values:my_values}, success:function(response){ alert("success: " + response); window.location.href = hrefSaved }, error:function (xhr, textStatus, thrownError){ alert("xhr status: " + xhr.statusText); }, }); });

in this way you prevent the default action, make an AJAX call and if the calls is successful redirect to the desired page


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