Alternatives to long if statement


I currently have a long if statement, which looks ugly, and I'm fairly certain isn't proper. It looks something like this.

if self.folderactive.isChecked: folders.createDir('Desktop') elif not self.folderactive.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Desktop') if self.folderactive_2.isChecked: folders.createDir('Documents') elif not self.folderactive_2.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Documents') if self.folderactive_3.isChecked: folders.createDir('Downloads') elif not self.folderactive_3.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Downloads') if self.folderactive_4.isChecked: folders.createDir('Music') elif not self.folderactive_4.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Music') if self.folderactive_5.isChecked: folders.createDir('Pictures') elif not self.folderactive_5.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Pictures') if self.folderactive_6.isChecked: folders.createDir('Public') elif not self.folderactive_6.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Public') if self.folderactive_7.isChecked: folders.createDir('Templates') elif not self.folderactive_7.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Templates') if self.folderactive_8.isChecked: folders.createDir('Videos') elif not self.folderactive_8.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Videos')

How would I go about simplifying this long list of conditionals?


First, all elif ... clause can be written as else:.

Multiple if .. else .. can be expressed as for loop:

checkbox_directory_pairs = [ (self.folderactive, 'Desktop'), (self.folderactive_2, 'Documents'), (self.folderactive_3, 'Downloads'), ... ] for checkbox, directory in checkbox_directory_pairs: if checkbox.isChecked: folders.createDir(directory) else: folders.deleteDir(directory)


First of all, you can simplify a statement like this:

if self.folderactive.isChecked: folders.createDir('Desktop') elif not self.folderactive.isChecked: folders.deleteDir('Desktop')


if self.folderactive.isChecked: folders.createDir('Desktop') else: folders.deleteDir('Desktop')


You should use associative arrays: checkbox number as index, folder name as value.


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