How to set True and False based particular key in object Array?


I am calling one API and getting the response (Below is the response) I am getting JOHN_FARY from the session and I want to check only JOHN_FARY key values, Even View is false for all _id then it should return a false value.

Suppose, If I will get JACKY_MANY then check should be same.

[ { "_id": "app-first", "project": "Backend", "accessForPortal": "userPortal", "visible": true, "JOHN_FARY": { "View": true, "Down": true, "Up": true, "Left": true }, "JACKY_MANY": { "View": true, "Down": true, "Up": true, "Left": true }, "JACK_MAN": { "View": true, "Down": true, "Up": true, "Left": true }, "GROUND_POL": { "View": true, "Down": true, "Up": true, "Left": true }, "_etag": { "$oid": "5b7c07364b402e87085d9d7f" } }, { "_id": "app-rule-second", "project": "Backend", "accessForPortal": "userPortal", "JOHN_FARY": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "JACKY_MANY": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "JACK_MAN": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "GROUND_POL": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "_etag": { "$oid": "5b7c07364b402e87085d9d7f" } }, { "_id": "app-thirs-rules", "project": "Backend", "visible": true, "accessForPortal": "userPortal", "JOHN_FARY": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "JACKY_MANY": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "JACK_MAN": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "GROUND_POL": { "View": true, "Enable": true, "Edit": true, "Delete": true }, "_etag": { "$oid": "5b7c07364b402e87085d9d7f" } } ]


There are many ways, but this one should be simplest.

function getView(name){ return response.some(e=>e[name].View === true) } getView('JOHN_FARY') // true


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