RevMob check Banner is loaded or not in iPhone?


I am using Revmob Framework for displaying ad banners and it's working fine.

So now my Question is that how to know programmatically that banner is loaded or not?

Like if we are using iads then there is a method "isBannerLoaded" to check banner is loaded or not.

Actually I want to set it's frame as banner is loaded or not loaded.

So is there any method like "isBannerLoaded" in Revmob Framework?


You need to implement the revMobDelegate and use revmobAdDidReceive:

@interface MyAdClass : NSObject <RevMobAdsDelegate> ... @implementation MyAdClass -(void) prepare { ... ad = [[[RevMobAds session] bannerView] retain]; ad.delegate = self; [ad loadAd]; ... } - (void)revmobAdDidReceive { NSLog(@"ad received"); ... }

You can find RevMobAdsDelegate documentation at <a href="http://sdk.revmob.com/ios-api/Protocols/RevMobAdsDelegate.html" rel="nofollow">http://sdk.revmob.com/ios-api/Protocols/RevMobAdsDelegate.html</a>


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