How to detect phone handset brand and model info on Brew?


How do I runtime detect which make and model a phone is, which is running Brew or Brew MP?


This should work if you have USB logging enabled


and if printdevinfo is defined like this:

static void printdevinfo(IShell* s, int id) { AECHAR* pItemBuff; int nItemLen = 0; ISHELL_GetDeviceInfoEx(s, AEE_DEVICEITEM_MANUFACTURER_NAME, NULL, &nItemLen); pItemBuff = (AECHAR*)MALLOC(nItemLen); if (!pItemBuff) return; ISHELL_GetDeviceInfoEx(s, AEE_DEVICEITEM_MANUFACTURER_NAME, pItemBuff, &nItemLen); DBGPRINTF("id_%d: '%S'", id, pItemBuff); FREE(pItemBuff); }


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