Git workflow: Merge existing branch to new branch and delete old one


Scenario: being on master branch


git checkout <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong>

</li> <li>

git checkout <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong>

</li> <li>


</li> <li>

git push origin <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong>

</li> <li>

git checkout <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong>

</li> <li>

git push origin <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong>

</li> </ol><blockquote>

merge request (target - <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong>)


As I understand my <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong> isn't created from <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong> because firstly I made push from <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong> and only then I pushed <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong> (just forgot it).

So help me please do properly the next:

I'm going to work in <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong> with my friend, and we will create our branches from it.

I need now make my <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong> to be created from <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong> and delete old <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong> (that, I suppose, now seems to be created from master not from target_branch).

How can I do this properly (for Git history)?


To change new_branch checked out from target_branch (or master you can use same method):

git checkout target_branch git cherry-pick target_branch..new_branch git branch -f new_branch git checkout new_branch


-If there has cherry-pick conflicts, you can modify and save the conflict files, then use git add . and git cherry-pick --continue. -If you don’t want to rebase new_branch on the top of target_branch, you can use git checkout <an history commit of target_branch>, and then use above commands to rebase new_branch. As below graphs, if you use git checkout B, and after above commands, the branches will look like:

# Original branch structure A---B---C target_branch D---E---F new_branch # After rebase new_branch from commit B A---B---C target_branch \ D'---E'---F' new_branch


To Resolve your issue, Go through below steps :

<ol><li>git checkout <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong></li> <li>git merge <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong></li> <li>git push origin <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong></li> </ol>

You are now at <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong>, Let's Delete Old Branch : <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong>

<ol start="4"><li>git branch -D <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong></li> <li>git branch <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong></li> </ol>

Now you & your friend can make new branches from <strong><em>target_branch</em></strong> & work on <strong><em>new_branch</em></strong>


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