Tweepy Not filtering on Since


I have found many examples of the tweepy cursor where a parameter is "since = "YYYY-MM-DD"". However, in my code below, it is returning tweets much older than the date I specify. Why?

since = "2017-9-20" tweepy.Cursor(api.search, q="nba -filter:retweets", since = since, rpp=100, result_type="recent", include_entities=True, lang="en", ).items(10) tweet.text

An example of a tweet it returns is:

created_at=datetime.datetime(2011, 9, 19, 18, 12, 50) id=376333795


I think you are looking at a <strong>different created_at than the tweet's</strong>. Perhaps the <strong>user's created_at</strong>? <br />Cuz your code seems correct.


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