Coffeescript: how to link div, but override link if child links are clicked


I find it hard to explain, so please request more info if you need it.

I have a div like so:

<div id="clickable">

Some content

<a href="google.com" class="link">Google</a> <a href="yahoo.com">Yahoo</a> </div>

I want the div to be clickable, and link to the href of an attribute with class 'link'. This part I have done:

$('#clickable').on 'click', (ev) -> window.location = $(this).find('.link').attr('href') return false

But, what should happen is if a user clicks a link within the div, that links location takes precedence. So, in the above example, if you click yahoo it will direct to yahoo. At the moment, it forces google.


The call to update window.location and subsequent return false (stopping the click's propagation) is happening regardless of the normal behaviour of a link.

Try this:

$('#clickable').on('click', (ev) -> unless $(ev.target).is('a') window.location = $('.link', @).attr('href') false )


This is because of event bubbling. Click on a bubbles to div and a click handler fires on div which redirects you to .link. Since the JavaScript is single-threaded, then the top handler is fired as the last one and you are always redirected to .link.

Try adding this code:

$('#clickable').on 'click', 'a', (ev) -> ev.stopPropagation()

Don't forget about 'a' part, which filters click to a elements. You can use jQuery's filters there.


Since for unknown reasons the snippet I posted is not working for you, then how about this? (this time replace the code)

$('#clickable').on 'click', (ev) -> if ev.target.href window.location = ev.target.href return window.location = $(this).find('.link').attr('href') return false


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