Select SQL mapping query


I use SQL Server 2012 and I have these tables:

Table <strong>Tb1</strong> (ID Int, CodeID Int, Value Int)

ID CodeID Value ---------------------- 1 1 10 2 1 14 3 1 5 4 1 25 5 2 12 6 2 17 7 2 4 8 2 10 9 2 6

Table <strong>Tb2</strong> (CodeID Int Value Int)

CodeID Value --------------- 1 25 2 20

I want a query for get records from Tb1 that SUM(Tb1.Value) <= Tb2.Value

For example result for above records is :

Tb1.ID Tb1.CodeID Tb1.Value UsedValue Tb2.Value -------------------------------------------------------- 1 1 10 10 25 2 1 14 14 25 3 1 5 1 25 5 2 12 12 20 6 2 17 8 20

I use cursor for get above query. But my query, execute with low performance. I want a query without cursor.

<strong>EDIT 1</strong> UsedValue is Tb1.Value until sum of Tb1.Value was lowest than Tb2.Value.


Try this:

;WITH Subtotals AS ( SELECT T1.Id, T1.CodeId, SUM(T2.Value) SubTotal FROM Tb1 T1 JOIN Tb1 T2 ON T1.CodeId = T2.CodeId AND T1.Id >= T2.Id GROUP BY T1.Id, T1.CodeId ) SELECT S.ID, S.CodeID, T1.Value, CASE WHEN T2.value >= S.Subtotal THEN T1.value ELSE T1.value - (S.Subtotal - T2.value) END UsedValue, T2.Value T2Value FROM Subtotals S JOIN Tb2 T2 ON S.CodeId = T2.CodeId JOIN Tb1 T1 ON S.Id = T1.Id WHERE T2.Value >= S.SubTotal - T1.Value

See result on <a href="http://sqlfiddle.com/#!6/5c5a8/3" rel="nofollow"><strong>SQL FIDDLE</strong></a>


select T.Id , T.CodeId , T.Value , T.Value -(Total - T2.Value) as UsedValue , T2.Value as T2_Value from ( select a.id , a.codeid , a.Value , sum(b.value) as Total from Tb1 a join Tb1 b on a.Id >= b.id and a.CodeId = b.CodeId group by a.id, a.CodeId, a.Value ) T join Tb2 T2 on T.CodeId = T2.CodeId where Total < (T2.Value + T.Value)

there is only one assumption when i wrote this code . that rows are ordered by ID, if it is not true you have to add ordering column !


select id,codeid,value,case when vt>0 then value else value+vt end usedvalue, value2 from (select *, value2-runtot vt, max(case when value2-runtot<0 then value2-runtot else -runtot end) over(PARTITION BY codeid) usedvalue from (SELECT t1.id, t1.codeid, t1.value, t2.value value2, sum(t1.value) OVER(PARTITION BY t1.codeid ORDER BY t1.id) runtot FROM tb1 t1 INNER JOIN tb2 t2 ON t1.codeid = t2.codeid ) X )Y where vt>=usedvalue


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