Read a local xml file to a string in Javascript


I'm surprised to see that this is hard to do, but i haven't found a single way to do that. Basically i have a directory that contains:

--index.html --script.js --file.xml

And i want to read the content of the <strong>file.xml</strong> to a JS string for parsing. The only method i found of doing so was by using a synchronous xmlhttp object which is disabled by default in my browser. Is there another (preferably easy) way of reading a file to a string in js?


So, I might be a little late to the party, but this is to help anybody else who's been ripping his/her hair out looking for a solution to this.

First of all, CORS needs to be allowed in the browser if you're not running your HTML file off a server. Second, I found that the code snippets most people refer to in these kind of threads don't work for loading local XML-files. Try this (example taken from the official docs):

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); xhr.open('GET', 'file.xml', true); xhr.timeout = 2000; // time in milliseconds xhr.onload = function () { // Request finished. Do processing here. var xmlDoc = this.responseXML; // <- Here's your XML file }; xhr.ontimeout = function (e) { // XMLHttpRequest timed out. Do something here. }; xhr.send(null);

The method (1st arg) is ignored in xhr.open if you're referring to a local file, and async (3rd arg) is true by default, so you really just need to point to your file and then parse the result! =)

Good luck!


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