How can I get my Spring.net Webservice working?


I am trying to setup a Spring.net web-service but keep getting an error message that I cannot figure out.


System.NotSupportedException: Target 'target' of type 'Spring.Objects.Factory.Support.RootWebObjectDefinition' does not support methods of 'StudentRegistration.Services.IBoundaryService'. at Spring.Util.AssertUtils.Understands(Object target, String targetName, Type requiredType) at HelloWorldExporter.GetAllBounds()


public interface IBoundaryService { XmlDocument GetAllBounds(); } public class BoundaryService :IBoundaryService { public virtual IBoundaryDao BoundaryDao { get; set; } public virtual XmlDocument GetAllBounds() { XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument(); xmlDoc.LoadXml("<test>ok</test>"); return xmlDoc; } }


<object name="BoundaryService" type="StudentRegistration.Services.BoundaryService, StudentRegistration" abstract="true"> </object> <object id="BoundaryExporter" type="Spring.Web.Services.WebServiceExporter, Spring.Web"> <property name="TargetName" value="BoundaryService"/> <property name="Namespace" value="http://fake/services"/> <property name="Description" value="something"/> <property name="MemberAttributes"> <dictionary> <entry key="GetAllBounds"> <object type="System.Web.Services.WebMethodAttribute, System.Web.Services"> <property name="Description" value="something."/> <property name="MessageName" value="GetAllBounds"/> </object> </entry> </dictionary> </property> </object>

What should I try to clear this up?


The Spring.NET reference is wrong on the xml declaration (i had the same issue a few days ago), or should i say its not crystal clear.

<object name="BoundaryService" type="StudentRegistration.Services.BoundaryService, StudentRegistration" abstract="true" />

the above declaration applies when you have an actual .asmx service

WHen you have a PONO which you export as a WebService using Spring.Web.Services.WebServiceExporter the object that will be exported must be declared as:

<object id="BoundaryService" type="StudentRegistration.Services.BoundaryService, StudentRegistration" />

the target property of the WebServiceExporter applies to the id of a declared object, the abstract part is not required as Spring.NET takes the role generating the webservice.

Note that your exposed service name (with your current cfg) will be (..)/BoundaryExporter.asmx

Edit: The config statement for standard .asmx web services using the <strong>name, type</strong> attributes seems to be broken, at least for spring version


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