Getting Facebook Avatar in Meteor when Autopublish is removed


Currently when auto publish is removed, only {{currentUser.profile.name}} works.I'm trying to get {{currentUser.profile.first_name}} and the avatar from Facebook but have not been able to do so. Here is my code...

On the Server side:

Meteor.publish('userData', function() { if(!this.userId) return null; return Meteor.users.find(this.userId, {fields: { 'services.facebook': 1 }}); });

On Iron Router:

Router.configure({ waitOn: function() { return Meteor.subscribe('userData'); } });

From my understanding, I see that Meteor is publishing all the userData and then subscribing to it via Iron Router. What I don't understand is why this is not working -- as I think {{currentUser.profile.first_name}} should work but isn't.


Like Richard suggests, when a user is created, you can copy the services document to the profile doc.

Accounts.onCreateUser(function(options, user) { // We still want the default hook's 'profile' behavior. if (options.profile) { user.profile = options.profile; user.profile.memberSince = new Date(); // Copy data from Facebook to user object user.profile.facebookId = user.services.facebook.id; user.profile.firstName = user.services.facebook.first_name; user.profile.email = user.services.facebook.email; user.profile.link = user.services.facebook.link; } return user; });

Your publication to get their first name and Facebook ID would look like this...

/* ============== Single User Data =============== */ Meteor.publish('singleUser', function(id) { check(id, String); return Meteor.users.find(id, {fields: {'profile.facebookId': 1, 'profile.name': 1, 'profile.firstName': 1, 'profile.link': 1}}); });

You can access a user's Facebook avatar with a template helper function...

Template.profileView.helpers({ userPicHelper: function() { if (this.profile) { var id = this.profile.facebookId; var img = 'http://graph.facebook.com/' + id + '/picture?type=square&height=160&width=160'; return img; } } });

In your template, you can then use the following helper (provided you are wrapping this in a block that contains user data):

<img src="{{userPicHelper}}" alt="" />


I believe you're trying to access the first_name field from the services subdocument. It should be {{currentUser.services.facebook.first_name}}

If you want to transfer first_name to the profile subdocument, you can have the following event handler:

Accounts.onCreateUser(function(options, user) { // ... some checks here to detect Facebook login user.profile.firstName = user.services.facebook.first_name; user.profile.lastName = user.services.facebook.last_name; });


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