Using tidyr to combine multiple columns [duplicate]


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The data I am working at looks like this:

Cust no. Chg1 Chg2 Chg3 Chg4 Ctot1 Ctot2 Ctot3 Ctot4 Size Name 61 A B C D 2 4 5 6 2 XA

The desired output is:

Cust no. Chg Ctot Size Name 61 A 2 2 XA 61 B 3 2 XA 61 C 4 2 XA 61 D 5 2 XA

Using gather(key,value,Ctot1:Ctot4), the output is

Cust no. Chg Key Value Size Name 61 A Ctot1 2 2 XA 61 A Ctot2 3 2 XA 61 A Ctot3 4 2 XA 61 A Ctot4 5 2 XA

Some advise on this will be really helpful.


We can use melt from data.table for this purpose as it can take multiple measure patterns

library(data.table) melt(setDT(df1), measure = patterns("^Chg", "^Ctot"), value.name = c("Chg", "Ctot"))[, variable := NULL][] # Custno. Size Name Chg Ctot #1: 61 2 XA A 2 #2: 61 2 XA B 4 #3: 61 2 XA C 5 #4: 61 2 XA D 6


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