Extend Kendo MultiSelect


I'm trying to create a new kendo multi-select widget by extending the existing one. The goal is to show the tag list in a div below the input.

My goal here in this code is to render the tag list in a separate div on the select event of the widget, and then return the select event of the base widget (Kendo MultiSelect), but the select event of the base widget returns a dataItem undefind error. What am I doing wrong?

(function ($) { var customMultiSelect = kendo.ui.MultiSelect.extend({ init: function (element, options) { var that = this; kendo.ui.MultiSelect.fn.init.call(that, element, options); // Hide the tag list... var id = that.element.attr('id'); that.wrapper.find(`ul#${id}_taglist`).addClass("hidden"); that.element.on("select", that._select); }, options: { name: "CustomMultiSelect" }, _select: function (e) { // code to render the tag list in a div goes here that.trigger("select", e); return kendo.ui.MultiSelect.prototype._select.call(e); } }); kendo.ui.plugin(customMultiSelect); })(jQuery, document);


I have tested the code and at first got and error - 'that is not defined'. After adding var that = this; in the '_select' method I noticed that you have to add 'that' as a first parameter to the call function. Here is the code that worked correctly at my side - <a href="https://dojo.telerik.com/@zdravkov/ApOVApiV" rel="nofollow">https://dojo.telerik.com/@zdravkov/ApOVApiV</a>


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