Why can't I append an object to an array in rethinkdb?


I am trying to append an object into an array in rethink. Here is how I am trying to append it:

rethink.table('shifts') .get(shiftId) .update(row => row("milestones").default([]).append({ dateAchieved: "2017-01-01", phaseType: "TEST" })).run(rethinkConnection)

The error I get is this:

first_error: 'Inserted value must be an OBJECT (got ARRAY):\n[\n\t{\n\t\t"dateAchieved":\t"2017-01-01",\n\t\t"phaseType":\t"TEST"\n\t}\n]',

I also tried the same code about, but removed .default([]), which did not change anything.

I have tried logging out what row('milestones') is and this is the result:


I was expecting to see an array. What else is necessary to add an object to an array? How do I make this work?


You need to update document with a document not an array. Your reql should look like this

rethink.table('shifts') .get(shiftId) .update({ milestones: rethink.row('milestones').append({ dateAchieved: "2017-01-01", phaseType: "TEST" }) }) .run(rethinkConnection)

this is because the .append command does not commit data to the database it only returns an in memory modified array


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