unable to access component with ref


Why is this.workmin.value undefined?

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">captureInput=(text)=>{ console.log('captureinput',this.refs.workmin.value) } render() { console.log('RENDER',this.state) return ( <View style={styles.container}> <Text style={styles.bigFont}>{`${this.state.timer + 'TIMER'}`}</Text> <Text style={styles.bigFont}>{`${this.state.min + ':' + this.state.sec}`}</Text> <View style={styles.button}> <Button title='START' onPress={()=>this.startToggle()} /> <Button title='RESET' onPress={()=>this.resetToggle()} /> </View> <View style={styles.row}> <Text style={[styles.bold,{marginRight:10},{width:112}, {textAlign:'right'}]}> Work Timer:</Text> <Text style={styles.bold}> min:</Text> <TextInput value={Math.floor(this.state.workTime / 60).toString()} ref= {(ref)=>{this.workmin=ref}} style={styles.input} onChangeText={(text) => {this.captureInput(text)}} /> </View> ) }


refs is deprecated, do this instead:

<TextInput ref={(ref) => { this.workmin = ref; }} />

Then you can use it like this.workmin.focus().


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