Passing params to V93K test_suites.add method


This is in reference to this <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46125450/origen-problems-with-flow-branching-using-test-ids" rel="nofollow">question</a>. I checked our test interface and we are only passing the V93k primary params to the test_suites.add method.

<pre class="lang-rb prettyprint-override"> V93K_PRIMARIES = [:lev_equ_set, :lev_spec_set, :timset, :tim_equ_set, :tim_spec_set, :seqlbl, :levset] primary_tm_params = {}.tap do |primary_hash| V93K_PRIMARIES.each do |param| primary_hash[param] = tm_params.delete(param) unless tm_params[param].nil? end end # Create the test suite t = test_suites.add(test_name, primary_tm_params) t.test_method = test_methods.amd93k.send(options[:tm].to_sym, tm_params) V93K_PRIMARIES.each do |primary| t.send("#{primary}=", primary_tm_params[primary]) unless primary_tm_params[primary].nil? end # Insert the test into the flow test(t, tm_params)

When I set a breakpoint, I do see they were missing. Here they are after updating the code:

<pre class="lang-rb prettyprint-override"> :ip=>:L2, :testmode=>:speed, :cond=>:pmax, :if_failed=>:cpu_pmin, :testtype=>:cpu, :test_ip=>:bist, :tm=>"Bist"}

And here is the .tf file generated from the original two tests in the original question:

run_and_branch(cpu_L2_speed_pmin_965EA18) then { } else { @CPU_PMIN_965EA18_FAILED = 1; } if @CPU_PMIN_965EA18_FAILED == 1 then { run(cpu_L2_speed_pmax_965EA18); } else { }

I think we have it figured out, thx very much!


The normal approach to this is just to pass everything to flow.test, rather than a subset of the options passed from the flow.

It will only act on the options it recognizes, which are basically the flow control parameters (:id, :if_failed, :unless_enabled, etc) and the test and bin number parameters, and it will just ignore the rest.


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