Display #anchor instead of index in URL, with jQuery Cycle


To be Google friendly, I want to change this script a little bit.

I have a one page layout, where I use jQuery Cycle to animate between content. The script, as it is now, displays the current slide's number in the URL. Ex. "index.html#1" or "index.html#4". It looks horrible and I think Google would think too... ;-)

I want it to display the divs #anchor instead of its index, so the url would be "index.html#Projects" instead

<strong>The HTML menu:</strong>

<div id="menu"> <ul> <li><a href="#About">About</a></li> <li><a href="#Projects">Projects</a></li> <li><a href="#Learning">Learning</a></li> </ul> </div>

<strong>The script:</strong>

//Set .active to current page link var url = location.hash.slice(1); if (url < 1 ) { $("#menu li:nth-child(" + ( location.hash.slice(1) - 1 ) + ") a ").addClass("active"); } //Slide effect $('#logo').click(function() { $('.slideshow').cycle(0); return false; }); $('#menu li a').click(function() { $('.slideshow').cycle($(this).parent().index()+1); return false; }); $('.slideshow').cycle('pause'); var index = 0, hash = window.location.hash; if (hash) { index = /\d+/.exec(hash)[0]; index = (parseInt(index) || 1) - 1; // slides are zero-based } $('.slideshow').cycle({ fx: 'blindY', // choose your transition type, ex: fade, scrollUp, shuffle, etc... speed: 700, startingSlide: index, cleartype: 1, timeout: 3000, after: function(curr,next,opts) { window.location.hash = opts.currSlide + 1; } });

Is it possible to make it display the divs #anchor instead of its index?

Thank you in advance... :-)


The easiest way is to change the line of code :

window.location.hash = opts.currSlide + 1;


window.location.hash = opts.currSlide + 1 + ': ' + $("#menu li:nth-child(" + (opts.currSlide + 1) + ") a ").attr('href');

This will proce a URL like: http://www..........#1: #Projects. You will then have to go through the rest of the code where you use the hash and strip this last bit off before you use the remainder e.g.

hash = window.location.hash.replace(/:[^0-9] .*$/, '');

Regards Neil


Make it so after or before each slide it has a callback with the Cycle

So After: Onafter,

function Onafter() { window.location.hash = this.hash; }


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