I'm on Redhat and using PHP Crypt_Blowfish and having following error.



Notice: Constant CRYPT_BLOWFISH_AUTO already defined in /usr/share/pear/Crypt/Blowfish.php on line 33 Notice: Constant CRYPT_BLOWFISH_MCRYPT already defined in /usr/share/pear/Crypt/Blowfish.php on line 38 Notice: Constant CRYPT_BLOWFISH_PHP already defined in /usr/share/pear/Crypt/Blowfish.php on line 43 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Crypt_Blowfish in /usr/share/pear/Crypt/Blowfish.php on line 88


My code is just something like:

include_once('Blowfish.php'); $key = '12345678'; $cipher = new Crypt_Blowfish($key); echo Eencrypt($cipher, "hello world!");

And when i check my php.ini, the mcrypt is also already installed and enabled.

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<ul><li>What went seriously wrong please?</li> </ul>


Strict standards warnings are <em>no</em> errors. You can remove them from your error_reporting setting easily:

error_reporting(error_reporting() & ~E_STRICT);


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