sparql and query in group of multiple predicates


I did not get the right sentence to ask the question. I would like to explain my problem using a sample data.

let's say the triples are as below.

@prefix skos: <http://www.w3.org/2004/02/skos/core#> . @prefix xs: <http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#> . @prefix p0: <http://www.mlacustom.com#> . @prefix p2: <http://www.mla.com/term/> . _:bnode7021016689601753065 p0:lastModifiedDateTime "2018-09-14T12:55:38"^^<xsd:dateTime> ; p0:lastModifiedUser "admin"^^xs:string . <http://www.mla.com/name/4204078359> p0:hasClassingFacet "http://www.mla.com/facet/RA"^^xs:string ; p0:type "Normal"^^xs:string ; p0:classification _:bnode3452184423513029143 , _:bnode6827572371999795686 ; p0:recordType "Name"^^xs:string ; p0:recordNumber "4204078359"^^xs:string ; p0:stdDescriptor "classification111111"^^xs:string ; p0:establishedBy "admin"^^xs:string ; skos:prefLabel "classification111111"^^xs:string ; p0:createdBy "admin"^^xs:string ; a skos:Concept ; p0:createdDate "2018-09-14T12:55:38"^^<xsd:dateTime> ; p0:establishedDate "2018-09-14T12:55:38"^^<xsd:dateTime> ; p0:hasRAsubFacet "http://www.mla.com/subfacet/classing-subject-authors"^^xs:string ; p0:lastModifiedDate "2018-09-14T12:55:38"^^<xsd:dateTime> ; p0:lastModifiedDetails _:bnode7021016689601753065 ; p0:isProblematic "N,N"^^xs:string ; p0:lastModifiedBy "admin"^^xs:string ; p0:status "established"^^xs:string . _:bnode3452184423513029143 p0:literature p2:1513 ; p0:timePeriod p2:1005 ; p0:language p2:3199 . _:bnode6827572371999795686 p0:literature p2:11307 ; p0:timePeriod p2:1009 ; p0:language p2:31 .

please have a look at the p0:classification it has two blank nodes and both the blank nodes has triples with p0:literature, p0:timePeriod, p0:language

Now I want to write a SPARQL query where

( (p0:literature is p2:1513 AND p0:timePeriod is p2:1005) AND (p0:literature is p2:11307 AND p0:timePeriod is p2:1009) )

As per the above scenario it should return me the http://www.mla.com/name/4204078359 subject

Classification can have any number of blank nodes.


Here is one of the solutions. It is possible to find many different queries. This one is explicit.

SELECT ?s WHERE { ?s p0:classification ?o1 . ?s p0:classification ?o2 . ?o1 p0:literature p2:1513 ; p0:timePeriod p2:1005 . ?o2 p0:literature p2:11307 ; p0:timePeriod p2:1009 . }


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