tryCatch block in R, returning variable


So, I am trying to understand scope and functionality of tryCatch in R.

the following line:

arima(rep(1,3), order = c(1,0,0))

generates both warning and error, however in tryCatch block only warning function returns value. How can I get access to return value of both warning and error?

tryTest = tryCatch( { arima(rep(1,3), order = c(1,0,0)) }, warning = function(w) { print('this is warning') print(w) return('return string from warning') }, error = function(e) { print('this is error') print(e) return('return string from error') }, finally = {} ) print(tryTest)

produces only:

"return string from warning"


tryCatch in R allows you to assign a value to the variable on error. Here are two minimal examples:

my_logo <- tryCatch( { my_logo <- RCurl::getURLContent("https://invalid.website") }, error = function(cond){ my_logo <- "there is no image" }, finally = { #pass }) > my_logo [1] "there is no image" my_var <- tryCatch( { my_var <- "a"/1 }, error = function(cond){ my_var <- "foo" }, finally = { #pass }) > my_var [1] "foo"

Similarly, you can return a value on warning as you already know. You should not write your tryCatch statement such that it could encounter both error and warning at the same time. I am not even sure if that is possible.

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Edit: For completeness, I am adding an example with warning:

my_var <- tryCatch( { warning() my_var <- "a"/1 }, warning = function(cond){ print("There was a warning") return("bar") }, error = function(cond){ my_var <- "foo" print("This message will not be printed.") }, finally = { #pass }) [1] "There was a warning" > my_var [1] "bar"


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