Math operations from a list [duplicate]


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I imported myList from a .txt file (I converted the numbers to integers)

from math import * myList = [100, 'sin', 0, 1] x = pi

How would I go about calling the sin function for my given value of x?


I hoped this would simply return sin(pi), but it does not, because it is just the string 'sin(x)'


Do not store functions as string literals, store the actual functions.

>>> from math import sin, exp, log >>> funcs = [sin, exp, log] >>> x = 0 >>> funcs[0](x) 0.0 >>> funcs[1](x) 1.0 >>> funcs[2](2.71) 0.9969486348916096

However, if you don't plan to do something more involved with that list of functions, you can just call them directly.


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