Create provisioning profile on XCode


I'm trying to debug an app (Xamarin.Forms) on my iPhone. I already have Visual Studio on my Windows PC, on which I'm writing the app, and Visual Studio and XCode on my Mac. I registered the iPhone on my developer account too.

However, it seems like I also need a provisioning profile. But the walkthroughs I've seen have screen unlike the current XCode. When I click on Preferences - accounts, I see my account, but there's nowhere to add a provisioning profile.

(Does the iPhone need to be signed in with the same Apple ID as the one on the Mac, the one for which I have a developer account?)

How am I supposed to add that?


From XCode v.8.x, <strong>provisionning profiles are managed automatically</strong> by XCode... So you don't see the full list. I presume you can only see a "Download All Profiles" button (under Preferences/Accounts menu). Click on it, then In Visual Studio iOS project's properties, your provisionning profile should appear in both VS Mac & Windows (if your Windows VS is connected to your MAC).

Connect to your MAC from Windows as mentionned here: <a href="https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/ios/getting_started/installation/windows/connecting-to-mac/" rel="nofollow">Connecting to your MAC</a> -> doc screenshots may be old...


Open your project in Xcode and Go to Project Setting -> Select Target -> Select Generate tap

Under Sigin category -> Check the Automatic manage signing


It will list down the list of configured developer account.

</li> <li>

Choose your account

</li> <li>

Everything else done by Xcode on behalf of you.

</li> <li>

Xcode will create a provisioning profile in your developer account<br /> with the Bundle identifier, which you mentioned in Identity tap Bundle identifier

</li> </ul>


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