How to solve Unity “No compatible android device found”


I have a Unity app that I've been developing and about to release, I was trying to resolve one last bug and I uninstalled and reinstalled Unity as a last ditch effort. When I got back in and loaded my app, Unity can no longer find my device.

If I go to "Player settings" my phone is listed under "Run Device". If I go into ADB and do "adb devices -l" it shows the Pixel 3. Then in my phone I have it set to USB Debugging and I do a build and get the typical "No compatible Android device found" error. I'm completely at a loss.

Any other ideas?

<em>(Windows 10, Unity3D 2018.2.15f1, Most current build of Android Studio with Android 8.0, 8.1 and 9.0 sdks, Devices are Pixel XL and Pixel 3 XL).</em>



Install the driver for Android device on your computer.

</li> <li>

Enable DEBUGGING in your Android device.

</li> </ol>

For Unity to be able to detect your Android device, it must be recognizable by the ADB program.


May be due to missing of ADB. install the ADB


So in the end, what worked for me, I went in and uninstalled Java entirely from my computer and then I reinstalled the latest version.

This worked. I know it's less than ideal but It was the only thing.

I appreciate the help but my ADB was working just fine, I could find my device and Unity could see my device until I tried to build and then it would be lost. Also, yes, debugging was on in my android.


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