In JSON views, how do I flatten an object out as a single string?


In my grails 3 app (I'm using grails 3.2.4), I have an object type which I want to be serialized as a string, for any Domain object that uses it:

class MyDomain1 { CustomId id } class MyDomain2 { CustomId id }

I want to create a view that serializes CustomId as a string, rather than an object:

//instance of MyDomain1, in JSON format: { "id": "123" }

How can I do this without customizing the view for every object that uses CustomId?


Json views 1.2 supports a converter API that can do what you want

<a href="http://views.grails.org/latest/#_custom_converters" rel="nofollow">http://views.grails.org/latest/#_custom_converters</a>


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