How do I setup Zend Framework with WAMP?


I read that to include the Zend framework, I must include this on the include path in php.ini. But I have a doubt.

Where do I find the php.ini file in my WAMP with php 5.3.0?

Please help me because I am new to this topic and also to PHP...


i see the info you are talkin about (koen) but i wrote a simple helloworld.php in zend and i am tryin to run it so it takes me to a browser or it uses its own browser... but when i click the "run as php web page", it tells me it cant find the localhost(wamp), and when i even load zend newly, it cant find any server... well i just want it to connect to WAMP, and i wont mind knowing how it connects to XAMP, i run both services, but i would love to know more about WAMP, if you have any other suggestions please elaborate on it better... cos i am new to php and this zend framework


Left click the WAMP icon in your system tray. Under PHP, there's a php.ini option.


you can also do it from the index.php if you prefer. see the following code

set_include_path( 'PATH_TO_YOUR_ZEND_INSTALL' . PATH_SEPARATOR . APPLICATION_PATH . '/../library' . PATH_SEPARATOR . APPLICATION_PATH . '/models' . PATH_SEPARATOR . get_include_path() );

The manual of <a href="http://fr.php.net/set_include_path" rel="nofollow">set_include_path</a>.


create a php file with phpinfo() in it. It will tell you a lot about the settings you use and also what php.ini file you use.


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