Bind .xml file to treelistiview in objectlistview


I have to bind xml to Treelistview in Objectlistview<br /><strong>TestSuite.xml</strong>

<TestSuite> <TestCase name="TestCase" UID="" State="" DataSourceId=""> <TestModule name="Recording" State="Checked" UID=""></TestModule> <TestModule name="Recording1" State="Checked" UID=""></TestModule> </TestCase> <TestCase name="TestCase" UID="" State="" DataSourceId=""> <TestModule name="Recording" State="Checked" UID=""></TestModule> <TestModule name="Recording1" State="Checked" UID=""></TestModule> </TestCase> </TestSuite>


namespace ObjectListViewDemo { public class TestSuite { [XmlArrayAttribute("TestCase")] public TestModule[] TestModules; } public class TestCase { [XmlAttribute] public string name; [XmlAttribute] public string UID; [XmlAttribute] public string State; [XmlAttribute] public string DataSourceId; } public class TestModule { [XmlAttribute] public string name; [XmlAttribute] public string State; [XmlAttribute] public string UID; } }

Written below code on form load to bind xml to treeview

private void TestTreeViewForm_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(Path.Combine(@"D:\Test Suite", "TestSuite.xml")); XmlSerializer xmlSerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(TestSuite)); TestSuite testSuite = (TestSuite)xmlSerializer.Deserialize(sr); // Deserialize other XML as necessary List<TestSuite> TestSuiteCollection = new List<TestSuite>(); TestSuiteCollection.Add(testSuite); // Add other MyTrack objects to collection treeListView1.SetObjects(TestSuiteCollection); }

Added one column in treelistview

this.olvColumn1.AspectName = "Name"; this.olvColumn1.Text = "Name"; this.olvColumn1.Width = 180; this.olvColumn1.WordWrap = true; this.treeListView1.Columns.AddRange(new System.Windows.Forms.ColumnHeader[] { this.olvColumn1});

After running in treelistview its showing error "'Name' is not a parameter-less method, property or field of type..."

I have refer below link for loading xml to treelistview

<a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8855773/binding-xml-file-to-objectlistview" rel="nofollow">Reference link</a>


public MyForm() { InitializeComponent(); //LoadTree(); SetupColoumn(); LoadTree1(); } private void SetupColoumn() { // Get the size of the file system entity. // Folders and errors are represented as negative numbers this.olvColumn1.AspectGetter = delegate(object x) { return ((XmlNode)(x)).Attributes["name"].Value; }; } private void LoadTree1() { XmlDocument reader = new XmlDocument(); reader.Load(@"F:\Test1.xml"); ArrayList roots = new ArrayList(); String xpath = "/TestSuite/TestCase"; var nodes = reader.SelectNodes(xpath); foreach (XmlNode childrenNode in nodes) { roots.Add(childrenNode); //roots.Add(childrenNode.Attributes["Name"].Value); } this.treeListView1.CanExpandGetter = delegate(object x) { //return ((MyFileSystemInfo)x).IsDirectory; return ((XmlNode)x).HasChildNodes; }; this.treeListView1.ChildrenGetter = delegate(object x) { ArrayList children = new ArrayList(); var node1 = ((XmlNode)x).ChildNodes; if (x is XmlNode) { //foreach (XmlNode node in roots) { foreach (XmlNode n in node1) { children.Add(n); } } } return children; }; treeListView1.SetObjects(roots); }



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