How to web-scrape DL's DT and DD which is under a div with DOMparser/Xpath


I am trying to get DL's DT and DD which is under a class and trying to put those in a foreach. But facing some troubles,

<dl class="c-explain2"> <dt>所在地</dt> <dd> 大阪府大阪市 北区天満1丁目25番1(地番) <br>

Here is my codes;

$DOMParser = new \DOMDocument(); $DOMParser->loadHTML($html); $xpath = new \DOMXPath($DOMParser); $classname="c-explain2"; $getAllTable = $xpath->query("//dl[contains(@class, '$classname')]//"); foreach($getAllTable as $table){ $allProperties = []; $table->getElementsByTagName('dt')[0]->nodeValue; $value = $table->getElementsByTagName('dd')[0]->nodeValue; $allProperties[] = [ 'property' => $property, 'value'=> $value]; } $insertData[$start_id] = $allProperties; $MyTable = true;

How to get those dt and dd, After that want to put those in array. Any help? Thank you.


There is a problem with your XPath expression, it should be "//dl[@class='$classname']"

Also it looks like you are never assigning $property in your loop. Try this:

<?php $html = <<<END <dl class="c-explain2"> <dt>所在地</dt> <dd>大阪府大阪市 北区天満1丁目25番1(地番</dd> </dl> END; $DOMParser = new \DOMDocument(); $DOMParser->loadHTML($html); $xpath = new \DOMXPath($DOMParser); $classname = "c-explain2"; $getAllTable = $xpath->query("//dl[@class='$classname']"); foreach ($getAllTable as $table) { $allProperties = []; $property = $table->getElementsByTagName('dt')[0]->nodeValue; $value = $table->getElementsByTagName('dd')[0]->nodeValue; $allProperties[] = [ 'property' => $property, 'value' => $value ]; }


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