Scenario hooks only valid on scenario outlines?


We're using Cucumber and Selenium with Ruby. After reading the <a href="https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber/wiki/Hooks" rel="nofollow">documentation on hooks</a> I've tried my hand at setting a few tags to set (for example) some environment variables.

Here's a contrived example that demonstrates the problem.

When I establish a Before hook like so:

Before('@tag1', '@tag2') do puts "in the before hook!" end

It'll take effect with a scenario defined like so:

@tag1 @tag2 Scenario Outline: This is a test scenario Given I run my first step for "<user>" Then I complete my test @firstrun Scenarios: |user| |fred| @secondrun Scenarios: |user| |barney|

..however if I move @tag1 and @tag2 to the individual scenarios and not the scenario outline, the hook is never called, for instance:

@secondrun @tag1 @tag2 Scenarios: |user| |barney|

Is it possible to 'hook in' individual scenarios, or just the outlines?


Typically with scenario outlines the table of values you're testing is tied to that, not separate scenarios.


ScenarioOutline Given I am on gmails website When I login as <user> with <password> Then I am able to view my primary inbox Example: | user | password | | Fred | xd13#%& |


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