PHP copy() works on localhost(wamp) but not on my real web domain


ok so i'm trying to copy file.xml into another location something like copy('file.xml',../../folder/newfile.xml) ; it works just fine on my wamp virtual server but on my real site it doesn't. i thought that is something related to chmod and i changed the file.xml to 0777(with a ftp client).

is there something that i should put in my code to make it right? or what?


Copy is a pretty straigtforward function. As Mark said, it's perhaps <a href="http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.copy.php#93245" rel="nofollow">a host issue</a>.


It might be that you don't have permissions to the folder you are trying to copy to or as mentioned your host doesn't give PHP necessary permissions for copy.


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