Returning an Observable from canActivate method and redirect on false


I have been searching for a solution with no luck. I need to call the server if a user is authorized and i need canActivate method to wait for the result for that call. But i can`t seem to put pieces together. Below is my code, my question is in the comments of the code.

canActivate(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot): Observable<boolean> { let user: EUser = new EUser(); user.sessionId = localStorage.getItem("sessionId"); //I am not sure how to implement this part. // I need to recieve the response and get user.isAuthorized value and return it // as an observable. this.authenticationService.isAuthorized(user).subscribe((user)=>{ //Here i need to get user.isAuthorized and //if the value is false, i need to navigate to login with this.router.navigate['login'] and return it. //if the values it true, i need the code continue as it is. }); }


isAuthorized(user:EUser){ return this.http.post(ConnectionHelper.SERVER_URL+ ConnectionHelper.USER+ConnectionHelper.ISAUTHORIZED,user).map(res => res.json()); }


Your approach is correct, you just need to map the server response to a bool value. For example:

export interface AuthState { username:string; sessionId:string; isAuthorized:boolean; } isAuthorized(user:EUser): Observable<AuthState> { return this.http.post(ConnectionHelper.SERVER_URL+ ConnectionHelper.USER+ConnectionHelper.ISAUTHORIZED,user) .map(res => res.json()); } // Inject Router instance in the constructor of the guard class // import required rxjs operators canActivate(route: ActivatedRouteSnapshot, state: RouterStateSnapshot): Observable<boolean> { let user: EUser = new EUser(); user.sessionId = localStorage.getItem("sessionId"); return this.authenticationService.isAuthorized(user) .map(user => user.isAuthorized) .do(auth => { if(!auth){ this.router.navigate(['/login']); } }); }


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