Stub generation failes with obsolete attribute, Pex v0.94.51023.0


I have an interface with a method marked with the obsolete attribute. The attributes <em>error</em> parameter is set to <em>true</em> to throw an exception when used. The problem is this causes the stub to not generate for the whole class. When I alter the value to <em>false</em> the stub generates as expected.

I’m looking for a way to generate the stub while retaining the <em>error</em> parameter as <em>true</em>.

public interface ICar { void Start(); [Obsolete("this is obsolete Stop, stop using it", true)] void Stop(); }

I’ve tried different permutations of.

<Moles xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/moles/2010/"> <Assembly Name="My.Car.Services"/> <StubGeneration> <TypeFilter TypeName="ICar" SkipObsolete="true" /> </StubGeneration> </Moles>


This is by design. When a method is marked at Obsolete(..., true), C# will not allow to instantiate an class implementing that interface.


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