Sharepoint Pagetitle


Standard sharePoint just put "Page - some site" in the page title in the browsers, but I want to change that, but don't know how.

I have succesfully created a webpart to do so, but I believe it's a major overkill creating a webpart to control such a small part of something as huge as SharePoint.

So how can I control what the page title in best practice? Is a webpart reallly neccessary or can this goal be achieved in some other way?

To specify some more: I don't want it to just have the same title all over the site. I want it to say something like: "AwesomeSite - Home" or "AwesomeSite - Video upload" etc. You get the point.


First question , where would these keywords like AwesomeSite, Home, Video Upload come from ? What would be the source?

The best would be to create a Delegate Control and refer it in your master page. This delegate control can be either a simple javascript to set the Title or a web server control which will query the sharepoint metadata on current page to set the Title.


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