Exclude results from Elasticsearch / Kibana based on aggregation value


Is it possible to exclude results based on the outcome of an aggregation?

In other words, I have aggregated on a Term and a whole bunch of results appear in a data table ordered in descending order by the count. Is it possible to configure kibana / elasticsearch to exclude results where count is 1 or less. (Where count is an aggregation).

I realise I can export the raw data from the data table visualization and delete those records manually through a text editor or excel. But I am trying to convince my organization that elasticsearch is a cool new thing and this is one of their 1st requirements...


You can exclude the result from the search by applying a filter here a sample that can be helpfull.

"query": { "bool": { "filter": { "range": { "Your_term": { "gte": 1 } } } }


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