How do I position a notification (tray) icon context menu on Windows XP?


I'm using C++ and Win32.

I want my context menu and settings dialog to show up near the tray icon. I think I need the icon's coordinates to do that.

Shell_NotifyIconGetRect wasn't available until Windows 7.

WM_CONTEXTMENU is available starting in Win2k, but only provides coordinates in wParam as of Vista (and when specifying NOTIFYICON_VERSION_4).


The correct way of solving this is to either use the mouse message coordinates, or <a href="http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms644938%28v=vs.85%29.aspx" rel="nofollow">GetMessagePos</a> for other messages.


Retrieving the click coordinates with GetCursorPos works well:

// Inside WndProc's switch(message)... case WM_APP_NOTIFYCALLBACK: switch (LOWORD(lParam)) { case WM_CONTEXTMENU: // XP and later { POINT pt = {}; if( GetCursorPos(&pt) ) ShowContextMenu(hWnd, pt, iStatus); } break; // ... } // ...


<strike>To display the menu, all you need is the coords passed to you by WM_CONTEXTMENU or WM_RBUTTONUP (These are of course not normal messages, but something generated by the tray and you therefore don't have to deal with mouse vs keyboard)</strike>

Shell_NotifyIconGetRect is used if you want to display a toast (custom window) near the tray. On < 7 you can emulate it with findwindow by looking for the TrayNotifyWnd class with Shell_TrayWnd as the parent


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