Flowtype: How to use compute method in Class


I wanna visit the class property according the params as the following code:

class Commander { constructor() {} create() {} test() {} undo() {} redo() {} execute(...args): void { const command: string = args.slice(0); const rest: any[] = args.slice(1); this[command].apply(this, rest); } }

But I got an error as below:


Cannot get this[command] because an indexer property is missing in Commander <a href="https://flow.org/try/#0MYGwhgzhAEDCD2BbRYB2ATApgJ2gbwChpph5UIAXbAV2AvmwAoBKfAXyJO0zAsxfac+lAXg7FqGeKPHRu6aazGdMAD0zBqfRgDo9YbAHMIzAFzQAbvACW6fJwCQpchRJIUGc5WzXUh6AC80AbGOhAg1sD8AAzMANycxM6UcpiU5mgAngDaALqBwUYQYRFRjACM8YnQFAAW1hDZpMho6Lk6YAAOnSCZjHUNADSplFXEHGxAA" rel="nofollow">1</a>.


More info you can see the <a href="https://flow.org/try/#0MYGwhgzhAEDCD2BbRYB2ATApgJ2gbwChpph5UIAXbAV2AvmwAoBKfAXyJO0zAsxfac+lAXg7FqGeKPHRu6aazGdMAD0zBqfRgDo9YbAHMIzAFzQAbvACW6fJwCQpchRJIUGc5WzXUh6AC80AbGOhAg1sD8AAzMANycxM6UcpiU5mgAngDaALqBwUYQYRFRjACM8YnQFAAW1hDZpMho6Lk6YAAOnSCZjHUNADSplFXEHGxAA" rel="nofollow">flowtype try</a>.

If I make some stupid things, and please let me know!




Thanks your answer, but I wanna the code keep tidy, and I found the another solve <a href="https://flow.org/try/#0MYGwhgzhAEDCD2BbRYB2ATApgJ2gbwChpoASAa0wE8AuaCAF2wEtUBzAbiNIDcwQBXTLTSUuweKgbZ+wevGwAKAJT4AvmOyYw9TMrVcdDPXnXF+GeMdPRN6SypNdMAD0zB+OhQDofYbKwglWm54JnR8LgBIcUl6aHFkNHRaKRZWaABeaD8ArwgQJmBdAAYlTmJiGIYbTAZhVEoAbQBdTOz-CDyCooUARjKuYnoACyYIRoSUDGavMAAHOZBKBRGxgBoahgHidXUgA" rel="nofollow">Try</a>. But use the any keyword, make the check no sense about the static check. – Cin


If you use any keyword that is the same as just turning flow off for anything that touches that variable.

"If you want a way to opt-out of using the type checker, any is the way to do it. Using any is completely unsafe, and should be avoided whenever possible." from <a href="https://flow.org/en/docs/types/any/" rel="nofollow">Any</a>

This is a safer way: (<a href="https://flow.org/try/#0MYGwhgzhAEDCD2BbRYB2ATApgJ2gbwChpoASAa0wE8AuaAImHlQgBdsBXYF+bO6AH3rBsmMC0x9Bdca0n12GeHLoj0SgNxFSANzAh2mWgAoAlNAC8APmiIAlgA9M6LcNHjT+AL5aZLD3m9iBTV-QOhVeFCtTEdgdndGZDR0ABpoADpMkVYTWm14W3R8LWIWAAtbCABtRJQMAF10sAAHZpBKI3LKtOyWE01ib08gA" rel="nofollow">Try</a>)

class Commander { $key: "create" | "test" | "undo" | "redo"; $value: () => mixed constructor() {} create() {} test() {} undo() {} redo() {} execute(command, ...rest): void { this[command].apply(this, rest); } }


Because the <a href="https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Operators/Property_accessors#Property_names" rel="nofollow">property accessor</a> you're using could be any string, Flow thinks you're trying to use your <a href="https://flow.org/en/docs/types/objects/#toc-objects-as-maps" rel="nofollow">class instance as a map</a>. To get around this, you need to do some sort of checking of the command variable before calling the instance methods. Here's my suggested way how to do it:

(<a href="https://flow.org/try/#0MYGwhgzhAEDCD2BbRYB2ATApgJ2gbwChpph5UIAXbAV2AvmwAoBKfAXyJO0zAsxfac+lAXg7FqGeKPHRu6aazGdMAD0zBqfRgDo9YbAHMIzAFzQAbvACW6fJwCQpchRJIUGc5WzXUh6AC80AbGOhAg1sD8AAzMANycxM6UcpiU5mgAngDaALqBwUYQYRFRjACM8YnQEADu1hTAABaMpMho6ErVSZCY0ABEwhT9pt3E0BRN1sVDOmAADvMgmYyT0wA0qZRV47vQAEbcYADWCXskvQOSCiNjxGvF1-Bzi8urUxCb3Ntn5wdHpzGwEu-Xk8FufwmHx0YJeSxWDy+aQoOz+hx4gPOWAAZmBqCAKKNIZNsPBatBUJhyQBRbCkpj9ACSqAsYAidjaHnQ-VRxFkHDYQA" rel="nofollow">Try</a>)

class Commander { constructor() {} create() {} test() {} undo() {} redo() {} execute(...args): void { const command: string = args.slice(0); const rest: any[] = args.slice(1); switch(command) { case "test": this.test.apply(this, rest); break; case "undo": this.undo.apply(this, rest); break; case "redo": this.redo.apply(this, rest); break; default: throw new Error("Invalid command"); } } }

You could also replace the method.apply(this, rest) syntax with method(...rest) to keep things a little cleaner, but that's stylistic ands not very relevant to your question.


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