How to use hidden iframe connect to the server in GreaseMonky


First,I created a hidden frame like this:

var oHiddenFrame = null; if(oHiddenFrame == null){ oHiddenFrame = document.createElement("iframe"); oHiddenFrame.name = "hiddenFrame"; oHiddenFrame.id = "hiddenFrame"; oHiddenFrame.style.height = "0px"; oHiddenFrame.style.width = "0px"; oHiddenFrame.style.position = "absolute"; oHiddenFrame.style.visbility = "hidden"; document.body.appendChild(oHiddenFrame); }

Then,I add a event to the button like this:

var fnLocation = function(){ frames["hiddenFrame"].location.href = "http://meckmeck.cn"; } var oButton = document.getElementById("mb_submit"); oButton.addEventListener("click", fnLocation, false);

When I click the button,I got a error:

frames.hiddenFrame is undefined


There's no such thing as document.frames. The name-indexed frame array is window.frames (aka just frames).

0-iframes are so old-school, and these days mostly associated with malware-installing exploits (especially on Chinese pages). How about using an XMLHttpRequest instead?


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