How to get properties of parent Maven to Gradle


We have multiple projects which use maven as build automation tool these project are developed and used by multiple teams in our company. We have a parent application in which we have the generic plugin related code, we use as follows

<parent> <groupId>some.project.config</groupId> <artifactId>project-config</artifactId> <version>x.x.xx</version> <relativePath /> </parent>

I need to use gradle for one application how can i use the properties of parent. Is it necessary to have parent also converted to gradle to use the properties?


You could use the <a href="https://maven.apache.org/ref/3.5.2/maven-model-builder/apidocs/org/apache/maven/model/building/ModelBuilder.html" rel="nofollow">Maven Model Builder API</a> to get the <a href="https://maven.apache.org/ref/3.5.2/maven-model-builder/apidocs/org/apache/maven/model/building/ModelBuildingResult.html#getEffectiveModel--" rel="nofollow">effective model</a>

See <a href="https://github.com/uklance/gradle-maven-transform/blob/master/plugin/src/main/groovy/com/lazan/maven/transform/MavenTransform.java#L138" rel="nofollow">MavenTransform.java</a> and <a href="https://github.com/uklance/gradle-maven-transform/blob/master/plugin/src/main/groovy/com/lazan/maven/transform/internal/ModelResolverImpl.java" rel="nofollow">ModelResolverImpl.java</a>


buildscript { dependencies { classpath 'org.apache.maven:maven-model:3.5.2' classpath 'org.apache.maven:maven-model-builder:3.5.2' } } configurations { pom } dependencies { pom 'some.project.config:project-config:x.x.xx@pom' } task copyPom(type: Copy) { from configurations.pom.singleFile into "$buildDir/pom" rename '.*', 'pom.xml' } task parsePom(dependsOn: copyPom) { inputs.file "$buildDir/pom/pom.xml" doLast { DefaultModelBuilderFactory factory = new DefaultModelBuilderFactory(); DefaultModelBuilder builder = factory.newInstance() ModelResolver modelResolver = new ModelResolverImpl(project) ModelBuildingRequest req = new DefaultModelBuildingRequest() req.pomFile = file("$buildDir/pom/pom.xml") req.modelResolver = modelResolver req.xxx = ... req.yyy = ... Model effectivePom = builder.build(req).getEffectiveModel() doStuff(effectivePom) } }


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