transform my rdf file to a named graph file


For a project I have to use Apache Jena as an API and Blazegraph as a triple store, I am trying to program a code that allows me to transform my dataset (N-Triples File) to a file that contains the NamedGraph of each statement.

String APIUrl = "http://localhost:9999/bigdata/namespace/drugbank/sparql"; String req = "select * WHERE {?x ?y ?z}"; RDFConnection conn = RDFConnectionFactory.connect(APIUrl); FileManager.get().addLocatorClassLoader(Main.class.getClassLoader()); Model model = FileManager.get().loadModel("drugbank.nt",null,"NTRIPLES"); conn.load(model); Query query = QueryFactory.create(req); QueryExecution qexec = QueryExecutionFactory.create(query,model); try { ResultSet rs = qexec.execSelect(); Model m1 = RDFOutput.encodeAsModel(rs); StmtIterator iter = m1.listStatements(); int i=0; final Model mStat = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel(); while (iter.hasNext()) { i++; Statement stmt = iter.nextStatement() ; // code for named Graph } }catch(Exception){ }


You can load the model directly to a remote named graph:

conn.load(model); loads the default graph.

conn.load(graphName, model); loads a named graph.


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