DSE_ENV could not be determined


I setup DataStax Enterprise on a Linux Ubuntu machine. OpsCenter and DevCenter are working fine. I able to write to the database, etc. with no issues.

However many of the demos and command line tools return the following error:


DSE_ENV could not be determined


One such example of when this occurs is:


nodetool status


I found a file called DSE_ENV.sh which appears to set some environment variables such as DSE_HOME. But when I echo $DSE_HOME for example the variable is not set. I don't know if maybe this file is never getting called or what is causing the issue.

I found this article which is specific to the the dse service not starting, <em>which is not the case with me</em>: <a href="https://support.datastax.com/hc/en-us/articles/204226189-DSE-fails-to-start-with-error-DSE-ENV-could-not-be-determined" rel="nofollow">https://support.datastax.com/hc/en-us/articles/204226189-DSE-fails-to-start-with-error-DSE-ENV-could-not-be-determined</a>

I tried however to run the permissions commands it mentions but no luck.


Worked with KOH on this over chat.

TL;DR: we had to add

export DSE_ENV=/usr/share/dse/bin/dse-env.sh

to his ~/.bashrc because it wasn't getting picked up.

For some reason this seems to be happening in the DSE GUI installer. I will look further into this and update.


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