ext.net how can i use more than data_index on a same Column


i have the following :

<ext:RecordField Name="ID" /> <ext:RecordField Name="UserName" /> <ext:RecordField Name="FirstName" /> <ext:RecordField Name="LasttName" /> i want use FirstName& LasttName on : <ext:Column ColumnID="Name" Sortable="false" DataIndex="????" Resizable="false" MenuDisabled="true"/>

<strong>What i need is to use more than data_index on a same Column</strong> is that possible, how can i achieve that? thanks in advance!


Try something like this:

//In your head: <script type="text/javascript"> var myRenderer = function(value, metadata, record) { return record.get('FirstName') + ' ' + record.get('LastName'); } </script> <ext:Column ColumnID="Name" Sortable="false" Resizable="false" MenuDisabled="true"> <Renderer Fn="myRenderer" /> </ext:Column>


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