Mongoid virtual attributes in to_json


I'm trying to get some virtual (non-persisted) attributes to show up in the JSON representation of some Mongoid models, but can't seem to get it to work:

class MyModel include Mongoid::Document def virtual_attribute @my_attribute || false end def virtual_attribute=(value) @my_attribute=value end end class MyController def myaction false_values=MyModel.where( whatever ) true_values=MyModel.where( something_else ).map{ |model| model.virtual_attribute=true } @val['my_models']=false_values+true_values render json: @val.to_json( :include => {:my_models => {:methods => %w(virtual_attribute)}} ) end end

virtual_attribute doesn't appear in the json. What am I doing wrong?

<em>Edit</em> - ok, so I guess my actual problem is that I can't figure out how to invoke the virtual_attribute method on each of an array of objects that is nested in the root object.


to_json passes the options directly to the array and the objects. :include is only a Mongoid thing:

render json: @val.to_json(methods: :virtual_attribute)


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