Working with Byte literals


I'm using the following function to brighten up color values (it's a lambda in my code, but that shouldn't make a differende):

Function ReduceDistanceTo255(ByVal i As Byte) As Byte Return i + (255 - i) \ 2 End Function

It won't compile, since the compiler interprets 255 and 2 as integers rather than bytes, making the result of type Integer. Unfortunately, <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/questions/252817" rel="nofollow">there is no Byte type character</a>, so I cannot just write 255B or something like that.

There are a few obvious workarounds to the problem:

Function ReduceDistanceTo255(ByVal i As Byte) As Byte Return i + (CByte(255) - i) \ CByte(2) End Function


Function ReduceDistanceTo255(ByVal i As Byte) As Byte Return CByte(i + (255 - i) \ 2) End Function


Function ReduceDistanceTo255(ByVal i As Byte) As Byte Dim FF As Byte = 255 Dim two As Byte = 2 Return i + (FF - i) \ two End Function

The first one is just plain ugly and hard to read, because <em>every</em> literal needs to be CByted. The second one performs calculations in integers and then converts the result to Byte, which is OK, but not as elegant as a pure-Byte operation. The third workaround doesn't require CBytes, but it's drawbacks are obvious.

Did I miss some (elegant) fourth option which allows me to do Byte-only-math without cluttering my formula with CBools?


It is specifically mentioned in the Visual Basic Language Specification, chapter 2.4.2:


<strong>Annotation</strong> <em>> There isn’t a type character for Byte because the most natural character would be B, which is a legal character in a hexadecimal literal.</em>


Well, that's true I guess. "Octet" got voted down too, no doubt. Use Return CByte(...), it is cheaper than ToByte().


How about using constants:

Function ReduceDistanceTo255(ByVal i As Byte) As Byte Const bFF As Byte = 255 Const b02 As Byte = 2 Return i + (bFF - i) \ b02 End Function

no conversion, no casting, no extra variables


How about the easy way:

Imports System.Convert Function ReduceDistanceTo255(ByVal i As Byte) As Byte Return ToByte(i + (255 - i) \ 2) End Function

<strong>Edit:</strong> I'd prefer this workaround because it would do less casting and it is pretty clear to me what's going on.


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